Why Ember?

By automating all of your accounting and tax, we make business admin simpler, smarter and way cheaper.

Running your own business or working as a contractor is tough enough as it is, before you're faced with the admin of a dreaded tax return. Ember takes the struggle and stress out of accounting for anyone who is self-employed. We speak to you in your language so that you can wear the finance hat without having to rely on an overpriced accountant. 👔

As a business, we're all about three things:

Empowering ambition

As the world of work moves rapidly towards self-employment and small business, Ember's aim is to enable anyone to work freely, flexibly and for themselves by lowering the barriers of finance and tax.

Embracing simplicity

Accounting is complex; Ember makes it simple. Whilst you get on with running your business, we do all your expense categorisation and accounting in the background so that you can have full visibility of your financial and tax position, all the time.

Optimising money and time

With Ember, you'll save the monthly £150 you'd normally spend on an accountant and gain a platform that only shows you what you need to know – all of your important numbers in one central feed – and directly submits your VAT returns, payroll and end of year accounts.

Full-package, fuss-free accounting for businesses.

Simple language, simple software, so that you can spend less time dealing with admin and more time focusing on what really matters.