What is the Ember?

Taking great night time photos with the iPhone has been elusive, until now.

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How the Ember Works

The key to great night time photos and video is light

Goes With You

Contoured to the shape of the iPhone 5 and 5s, the Ember acts as a case and goes anywhere your phone would. Tuck it in your purse for a night out, or stash it in your gear bag for quick and well lit shots.

Soft, Warm Light

The Ember’s 56 LEDs and diffuser provide a soft, warm light that’s flattering in any situation. No harsh flash means no white-out faces, which result from SPF in makeup and lotions interacting with a flash.

Independent Power Source

With over 4 hours of battery life, even the most avid users will only have to charge the Ember once every few weeks.

Brightness Control

Adjustable brightness allows you to control exactly how much light you want in your shot, and is up to 10x brighter than the iPhone's flash.

Ember Photos
Ember Prototypes in White and Black with Filters

Available in White and Black

Designed to match the color of your iPhone 5 or 5s, the Ember also comes with a built-in diffuser and interchangeable orange and magenta filters.

Taken with Ember and iPhone

Take Better Photos

Do you take photos on a night out and realize they're not the quality you hoped they would be? The Ember's soft, warm light helps make your night time photos worth sharing in the morning.

Ember and Olloclip

Use With Your Current Gear

iPhoneographers will love the Ember's extensibility. Remove the top to use with your favorite lens, mount accessories with the cold shoe, or attach to a tripod with the adapter.