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• Save 13 hours a week on business admin

• Claim back 8.5x more in tax than you pay for Ember

• Get any tax or accounting query answered in 5 minutes

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Pay as you grow

We tailor our plan to your total income over a 90-day period.


How do we do it?

See just how much you can save by getting started with Ember today.

Automating the manual

From auto-categorised transactions to auto-filed accounts, you can count on our savvy software to do it for you.

Spend less, save more

We’ll find the best ways to help you save on tax, making your money go the extra mile.

Access accountants any time

Rest assured knowing you'll receive a timely answer to any tricky tax questions that might arise.

Completely automated software

Not only will Ember work out how much tax you can claim back, but our super software will automatically figure out how you can pay the least amount of tax — all without you lifting a finger.

“Great platform to automate the accounting processes. A must-have tool that can make your life easy as an early stage startup founder."

Osama F Rama

Osama F. Rama, Co-Founder & CEO of Lessgo

5 Stars Trustpilot
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Expert accountants

Our team of qualified accountants can help you with any quirky tax and accounting queries, all the while structuring your business to be more tax efficient in the long run.

"Ember's accountants are always super helpful, swift to respond, and provide helpful summaries of your queries. Nothing is too much trouble!"

Helen Grice

Helen Grice, Director at R Grice Consulting Ltd

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