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Monzo, meet Ember

With a live bank feed and push notifications every time you transact with your Monzo business account, staying on top of your business spending has never been simpler.

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What we offer

🤗 A system built for you

No more need for an accountant – we make it possible for you to handle the whole financial admin process in just a couple of clicks.

👨‍💻 Knowledgable support

We're on a mission to make legal compliance and tax filing easier, and are therefore always on hand to help.

👊 MTD ready

We’ll help get you ready for Making Tax Digital (MTD), a new legislation for VAT by HMRC introduced in 2019.

💸 Real balance estimation

You’re always able to see your real cash balance instantly, and can be fully prepared for when the next tax bill comes in.

🌟 Tax optimisation

Our clever system lets you know all of the subtle ways that you might be entitled to more of your money back.

📗 Tax filing

We compute all the sums in the background and allow you to submit returns directly to the tax office.

🛍️ Transaction classification

We use an advanced machine learning algorithm to predict which tax categories each of your transactions should fall into.

💰 Smart invoicing

Our handy dashboard facilitates seamless invoicing and automates the chasing of debts so you can get paid quicker.

💶 Multi-currency

Raise invoices and capture expenses in whatever currency you do business, we handle the sums in the background so you don't have to.

📸 Receipt capture

Snap and store your receipts in the cloud so you can finally bin those nasty paper copies.

🤝 Pay yourself

Between salary and dividends, we work out the optimal way for you to get the most bang for your buck every month.

🔔 Tax reminders

We’ll notify you whenever you have any upcoming tax responsibility to be aware of.

The future of accounting is here.

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